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The Giverb Spotlight: Zandra, the Young Millionaire Mogul Changing the Game

Updated: Jul 30

Welcome to another enlightening edition of the Giverb Spotlight where we feature young change-makers, trailblazers, and influencers who are making significant strides in their various fields. Today, we're delighted to introduce you to Zandra Cunningham, the teen CEO of Zandra Beauty, an all-natural skincare line, and a beacon of inspiration for young entrepreneurs across the globe.

Starting as a young girl who simply wanted lip balm, Zandra transformed a common desire into an empire. Her journey started in her kitchen with her father's challenge to create her own lip balm instead of asking for money to buy one. Taking this challenge to heart, she watched countless YouTube videos, ordered a lip balm-making kit, and made her first pink bubblegum lip balm. This is where it all began.

She distributed the lip balms at her grandfather's church, where she experienced her breakthrough moment. A woman gave her a dollar for a lip balm, and with this realization that she could make a profit, she used her earnings to buy more ingredients, create more lip balm, and eventually, develop a whole all-natural skincare line.

This skincare line isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good too. Zandra's products are cruelty-free, all-natural, and paraben-free, with no icky stuff. Moreover, each product comes with an inspirational quote to help uplift the customer's spirit. It’s a line that empowers, inspires, and instills confidence, a testament to Zandra's vision of fostering wellness and self-belief.

Zandra didn’t stop at creating an acclaimed skincare line. In 2018, she launched a nationwide search for young entrepreneurs and change-makers to collaborate as co-authors of her new book, "The Science Behind It, Formulating Success At Any Age." The book, co-authored by 25 young rising stars, shares their personal stories of success, failures, and lessons learned, serving as a potent source of inspiration for aspiring youth.

But there’s even more to Zandra's mission. She also champions the cause of girls’ education across the globe. Through Zandra, LLC and the Zandra TLC Foundation, up to 10% of every purchase goes towards supporting girls' education worldwide. This is actualized through monetary donations, product donations, and free entrepreneurial and STEAM formulation workshops for youth in underserved areas.

In her local community of Buffalo, The Zandra TLC Foundation hosts a huge community event in honor of the United Nations' 'Day of the Girl.' The event highlights, celebrates, and promotes the betterment of young girls across the globe. It includes wellness advice, STEAM workshops, special speakers on issues like bullying, cyber safety, and teen physical and mental health, business basics, and more.

In partnership with a Buffalo, NY-based non-profit, Girls Education Collaborative, she works to help young women in developing nations become catalysts for change in their communities through education.

Zandra's story reminds us of the power of ingenuity and resourcefulness. It underscores the significance of viewing challenges not as roadblocks but as stepping stones to success. Zandra started by creating lip balms in her kitchen and has since built a skincare empire, a platform for young entrepreneurs, and a force for good that extends far beyond her business. She embodies Giverb's ethos of experiential learning, critical thinking, problem-solving, and embracing a global perspective.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories in our Giverb Spotlight series, and remember: no matter your age, your dreams are valid, and your journey to success starts with a single step.

Love and light

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