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The Giverb Spotlight: Meet Kamaria Warren, the 13-Year-Old CEO Making a Difference

Young learners have the power to transform their passions into real-world change. Today, in our Giverb Spotlight, we are featuring a trailblazing young entrepreneur who has made a remarkable journey from student to CEO, embodying the spirit of Giverb.

At just 13 years of age, Kamaria Warren, CEO of Brown Girls Stationery, is leading the way in making school supplies more diverse and representative. Kamaria embodies a belief we hold dear at Giverb — that education is not limited to the confines of a classroom, and that young minds can and should be nurtured to channel their creativity into real-world solutions.

From a young age, Kamaria harbored a variety of ambitions, among them the dream of becoming a fashion designer. Though she couldn't draw, she loved to create. This creative spirit led her to design her own line of stationery, school supplies, and household items, with an underlying purpose to promote diversity and inclusion.

Growing up, Kamaria noticed a lack of representation in everyday items — she could rarely find dolls that looked like her, or reflected her experience of wearing a hearing aid. She took these observations and decided to be the change she wished to see, building a business that resonates with kids who, like her, were searching for a representation of themselves in the world around them.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family. Kamaria's mother, Shaunice, herself a former business owner, has been her steadfast supporter and mentor. In 2016, while recovering from a benign tumor surgery, Shaunice decided to give Kamaria a priceless gift — the knowledge of creating and managing a business.

Together, they started to design their first product, a mini book bag. Later, they expanded their range to include shirts, notebooks, note pads, regular book bags, and umbrellas, all reflecting the diversity and beauty of 'Brown Girls'.

Their business, Brown Girl Stationery, officially launched in January 2017. Initially, it was just family and friends who supported their venture. However, as the business gained momentum, Kamaria and Shaunice were overjoyed to see that their products resonated with a much larger audience. Kamaria's journey represents the enormous potential within every young learner to not only follow their passions but also make a tangible impact in the world.

Today, Kamaria's company has sold more than 10,000 notebooks and nearly 2,000 book bags. But for Kamaria, this is just the beginning. She dreams of continuing to inspire both children and adults, showing that one needn't wait until after college to start making a difference. One can start right now.

Kamaria's story truly exemplifies the values we foster at Giverb. We are inspired by her initiative, creativity, and dedication to making a difference in her community. Her story serves as a reminder that no one is too young to effect positive change and that learning can take us beyond the four walls of a classroom, into the realm of real-world problem-solving and innovation.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories in the Giverb Spotlight as we continue to celebrate young learners who are reshaping the world around them.

Love and positive vibes only

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