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Isadore Nut Co: A Beacon of Inclusion and Opportunity

Introducing Tasya Rosenfeld Kelen, the remarkable woman behind the Isadore Nut Company. Living her life by the Jewish tenet, Tikkun Olam, which signifies 'repairing the world,' Tasya embarked on an inspiring journey to challenge norms and build a brand centered on employment equity. This is the story of how a humble nut company is shaking up the world, one inclusive employment opportunity at a time.

Tasya's journey began with an awakening – the unsettling realization of the high rate of unemployment among people with disabilities. This ignited a spark in her to make a difference, even as a small company, by bringing an equitable employment policy into the heart of her business.

As they hire, they prioritize people who often find themselves overlooked in the job market. The Isadore Nut Co takes pride in its inclusive approach, a fact proudly symbolized by the badge on its packaging – "Handmade by people of all abilities."

However, their mission extends beyond just their own hiring practices. Through their actions, they aspire to create a ripple effect in the industry, prompting others to rethink their employment strategies and policies. They believe in the universal truth that we all have unique gifts and abilities. What's needed is an opportunity to shine, a platform to excel.

At Giverb, we are deeply inspired by the vision and mission of the Isadore Nut Company. Their philosophy aligns with our commitment to experiential learning and our belief that every individual, regardless of their abilities or background, deserves an opportunity to grow and thrive.

With Tasya and the Isadore Nut Co, we celebrate the power of inclusion and the value of equal opportunity. We are encouraged to see how they leverage their business as a platform to drive change and social equity.

Join us as we support this transformative journey of Isadore Nut Co. Let's be a part of this wave of change, promoting inclusion, fostering opportunities, and championing diversity. Let's collectively endeavor to repair the world, one inclusive employment opportunity at a time.

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