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How Your Love for the Twin Cities Can Make a Positive Impact—One Page at a Time"

The Spark That Ignites Change:

Let's get straight to the point—everybody loves the idea of change, especially the kind that uplifts lives and enriches our communities. But what if I told you that you could be the spark that ignites this change, all from the comfort of your home? Meet "ABCs of the Twin Cities," a project with a cause that's as beautiful as it sounds.

The Book, the Art, and the Soul:

You might be asking, what's the fuss about another ABC book? Well, this isn't just another children's book with cute drawings. This is a mosaic of the Twin Cities—a coffee-table book where each letter of the alphabet represents an essential element of our community. The artwork? It's all sourced from our community art contest, making each page a dialogue between local artists and the reader. In a way, you're not just flipping through pages; you're journeying through the heart of our cities.

The Grand Vision:

Now here's where we pivot from intriguing to compelling. This book doesn't just sit pretty on your coffee table; it contributes to a greater cause. We commit 50% of the proceeds to DonorsChoose projects right here in Minnesota. We're talking about a staggering $50,000 minimum goal aimed at transforming young lives. Think upgraded classrooms, think better teaching materials, think scholarships!

The All-Important Ask:

We invite you to be part of this massive social upliftment project. Visit Giverb's contest page and pre-order your copy today. As an additional perk, we're offering Giverb Gold coins for every pre-order. Imagine, you're not just getting a beautiful book, but you're also seeding the future of education.


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