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We all have big dreams—of a more equitable society, stronger communities, and a better future for our children. Yet, how often do we find ourselves stuck in the daydream, unsure of how to turn our goodwill into action? That's where Giverb comes in. Our Founder and CEO, Nilvia Brinkley, understood that giving is more than just a thought; it's an action. The name "Giverb" itself fuses "give" with "verb," emphasizing that philanthropy must move beyond intent to action. As a full-time volunteer bible teacher, Nilvia knows that work, to be fulfilling, must also be meaningful. She thus founded Giverb to turn the act of giving into community action. With a background in financial advisement, experiential education, and community outreach, Nilvia understood the key role that small businesses play in building strong communities. Did you know that small businesses contribute to their local communities 250% more than large corporations? She did, and she wanted to amplify that commitment. Giverb is here to make every act of giving count. We empower young people from underserved backgrounds with the skills and confidence to build their own futures and contribute to their communities. We connect socially conscious shoppers to small, purpose-driven businesses that align with their values. Plus, we ensure that a significant portion of our proceeds supports impactful causes like Donors Choose and Giverb Youth for Positive Impact. We're not just dreaming of better communities; we're building them, one act of giving at a time. The Invitation Join us at Giverb, where your actions can speak louder than words. Because in our world, giving isn't just a thought; it's a verb.

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