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Thank You for Sharing Your Art with Us! 🎉

Hooray! 🚀 Your submission for the ABCs of the Twin Cities Art Contest has landed safely in our creative hub, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 🖌 Your Art Tells a Story... Every stroke, color, and pattern you’ve chosen communicates something beautiful about our vibrant Twin Cities. Your artwork is not just a submission; it's a vital thread in the colorful tapestry of our community. 💖 Your Impact Goes Beyond the Canvas... By joining this contest, you're not only showcasing your incredible talent but also contributing to a legacy that will inspire the Twin Cities’ kiddos for generations to come. 🤗 What Happens Next? Your masterpiece is now under the loving care of our judging panel. We promise to cradle it with the same affection and respect any piece of art deserves. Winners will be announced 30 days following the end of the contest, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed! 💌 Stay Connected: Don’t be a stranger! Follow us on the Giverb APP to stay in the loop about contest updates, sneak peeks, and other exciting happenings! 💡 While You Wait: Check out our Blog for engaging content, tips, and stories from fellow artists like you! And hey, why not encourage your friends to join the fun too? 🚀 Join the Journey: Your art has embarked on a beautiful journey with us, and we’d love for you to continue to be a part of the Giverb community. Explore, engage, and enrich yourself and others through art, stories, and social initiatives that weave through every corner of our beloved Twin Cities. 🎁 A Token of Thanks: To express our gratitude, we're excited to offer you a Discount Code for our Shop GIVE10. Just a little something to say we cherish the artistry and spirit you’ve shared with us. 💕 Every Art Piece Matters. Your Art Matters. 💕 Thank you for coloring outside the lines, for boldly displaying your creativity, and for being a cherished part of our artistic journey. With heartfelt thanks and vibrant splashes of appreciation, 🎨 The Giverb Team

  • What is "ABCs of the Twin Cities?
    ABCs of the Twin Cities" is a children's book that celebrates the wonders of the Twin Cities, MN, with each letter of the alphabet represented by unique, hand-drawn illustrations by young artists aged between 4 and 23.
  • Who are the artists behind the illustrations?
    The illustrations are created by our young inhabitants of the Twin Cities, showcasing what they love about their community. We didn't want to leave anyone out. So we have a cover art contest for anyone in Minnesota.
  • How can my child participate in the drawing contest?
    Your child can participate in the drawing contest by following the guidelines and submission instructions on > Contest. Both the general Art contest and the "Capture the Spirit: The ABCs of Twin Cities Illustrated Book Cover Contest" are open for entries.
  • Where can I pre-order the book?
    The book can be pre-ordered on our website. Each pre-order supports local educational projects and the Giverb - Youth for Positive Impact program. Or click here:
  • How are the proceeds from the book used?
    50% of the proceeds will fund projects on in the Twin Cities, MN, and the remaining 50% will help establish the Giverb - Youth for Positive Impact program.
  • Can teachers and schools get involved?
    Absolutely! Teachers and Schools can promote preorders of the book to their school or even specific projects. Teachers, especially art educators, can encourage students to participate in the drawing contests. We supply FREE downloadable flyers and entry forms to promote the contest and the sale of books to benefit your school's projects. Feel free to be creative in getting the word out. Make your own flyers. Share your ideas and successes with us. We'd love to hear from you. Questions - Stories - Concerns -
  • What is the connection between "ABCs of the Twin Cities" and Giverb?
    The project aligns with Giverb's mission to connect socially conscious consumers with community initiatives, support education, and encourage young artists in the Twin Cities.
  • How can I stay updated on the project?
    You can download the Giverb app for updates or subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates on contests, events, and the book's release.
  • Is there a deadline for the drawing contests?
    Yes, the deadline for submissions will be listed on our website, along with the rules and guidelines for both contests. For the 2023 contest, the deadline is September 30th, 2023.
  • What ages are eligible to participate in the drawing contest?
    Young artists aged between 4 and 23 are welcome to participate. Artists of all Ages are encouraged to participate in our cover contest. If you have any other questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website or social media channels.
  • What is Giverb?
    Giverb is a groundbreaking online marketplace and educational platform that turns every purchase into a chance to support local communities. Our marketplace features a diverse array of products from social enterprises. With every purchase, 10% goes towards funding local classroom projects via Giverb also offers the Youth for Positive Impact program, empowering young changemakers with the skills and tools they need to create their own social impact projects.
  • How does Giverb make a positive impact on its community?
    At Giverb, our mission goes beyond facilitating commerce. We are committed to amplifying social impact in profound ways, thus creating a ripple effect of positive change in our communities and across the world. Every transaction on Giverb is a testament to our commitment. With each purchase made on our platform, 10% is dedicated to funding significant causes, supporting education, promoting environmental sustainability, and much more. This means your shopping isn't just satisfying your needs but is also contributing to the welfare of others. Furthermore, Giverb fuels the aspirations of young change-makers through our Youth for Positive Impact program. By equipping young individuals with real-world experience and digital marketing skills, we are fostering the next generation of socially conscious leaders. These young individuals not only gain confidence and tools to make a lasting impact but also assist in promoting the socially-driven businesses on our platform, further amplifying their reach and impact. With our Business partnerships, we create a symbiotic relationship where businesses support and benefit from this community of young change-makers while also aligning themselves with purpose-driven commerce. In essence, Giverb isn't just a marketplace—it's an ecosystem of shared growth, mutual support, and amplified social impact. Every purchase, every business partnership, and every youth engagement on Giverb ignites a chain of positive change that extends far beyond the platform itself. Join us and become a part of this movement, as we collectively strive to build a world where commerce, youth empowerment, and social impact go hand in hand."
  • How does Giverb support local communities?
    Giverb is designed to support local communities through both direct and indirect ways. Directly, we donate 10% of every purchase to classroom projects in the purchaser's city via Indirectly, we empower young people to make a difference through the Giverb - Youth for Positive Impact program. By training and supporting these young change-makers, we help cultivate an environment of social responsibility and community improvement. We also support local communities through our support of small businesses. See FAQ How can my business benefit from partnering with Giverb?
  • How can my business benefit from partnering with Giverb?
    As a Giverb partner, your business will gain exposure to a large and diverse audience of consumers who prioritize social impact. By aligning your brand with a cause, you can enhance your company's image and build stronger customer loyalty. You'll also receive benefits from our early-bird membership, such as being featured on our Marketplace and a tailored advertising strategy for the Black Friday and upcoming shopping season. Lastly, by contributing to local classroom projects, you're investing in the future of the communities where your customers live, strengthening your connection with them.
  • How does Giverb help young people?
    Young people, You already speak the language of today's digital world, be it social media fluency, video editing wizardry, or a knack for engaging online communities. Now, imagine harnessing these skills for a greater cause. Welcome to Giverb's Youth for Positive Impact program! We understand that you aspire to make a positive impact on your communities and the world. But we also know that you might need some support to transform your digital skills into real-world impact. That's where Giverb comes in. Our program provides a platform to apply your unique skillset, gain real-life experience, and build confidence. Through the power of AI, we bring advanced tools and resources to your fingertips, bridging the gap between your aspirations and your ability to create lasting change. Sign up today - let's turn your digital prowess into powerful social impact!
  • What resources does Giverb offer to inspire and guide younger people ( ages 2-12) toward social entrepreneurship?
    Giverb offers a unique educational toolkit aimed at inspiring young people, and even the adults in their lives, to explore the world of social entrepreneurship. Our resources include a series of books centered around our protagonist, Xara, who explores and starts her own social enterprises. These stories demonstrate how hobbies, skills, and passions can be combined to create impactful initiatives. Alongside the books, we offer workbooks, progress journals, gratitude journals, and comprehensive guides for parents and grandparents. These resources are designed to guide and support the journey of young social entrepreneurs, encouraging them to make a positive impact on their communities.
  • What resources do you provide for parents and grandparents ?
    At Giverb, we understand the crucial role parents and grandparents play in nurturing the passions and skills of young people. Therefore, we have specifically designed parent and grandparent guides that complement our book series about social entrepreneurship. These guides provide valuable insights, tips, and conversation starters to help adults effectively engage with the young people in their lives about social impact. The resources also include practical ways to support young people in starting their own social enterprises. With our guides, parents and grandparents can feel empowered to inspire and assist their children and grandchildren in making a positive difference in their communities.
  • How do Giverb's books and workbooks educate about social enterprises?
    Giverb's books and workbooks are designed to be immersive, engaging, and informative resources that introduce the concept of social enterprises to young readers. Our story follows the journey of a young protagonist, Xara, who embarks on an adventure to learn about and eventually start her own social enterprise. As readers follow Xara's experiences, they learn about the principles of social enterprises, including the blend of entrepreneurship and social cause, community impact, and sustainable business practices. Our complementary workbooks extend this learning by providing practical activities, reflections, and exercises that enable young readers to delve deeper into the world of social enterprises. They offer opportunities to apply what they've learned from the books, brainstorm their own social enterprise ideas, and develop essential skills like problem-solving, creativity, and empathy. Through this combination of storytelling and hands-on activities, Giverb's books and workbooks serve as effective educational tools for introducing social enterprises to young people. Our books and workbooks break down complex concepts into engaging and digestible content. They offer guidance on how to start a social enterprise, explore real-life case studies, provide hands-on exercises, and inspire young audiences with stories of successful social entrepreneurs.
  • How does the Giverb - Youth for Positive Impact program work? (ages13-23)
    The Giverb - Youth for Positive Impact program is designed to empower youth between 13-23 years old to become changemakers. The program offers a structured curriculum that covers topics like identifying personal passions, project planning, leadership skills, budgeting, and much more. Our program also includes a combination of workshops, mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities. At the end, participants will have the tools and resources they need to launch social impact projects that make a real difference in their communities.
  • What types of products can I find on Giverb?
    Giverb's marketplace features a diverse array of products from social enterprises across various categories such as fashion, home goods, electronics, food and beverage, beauty products, and more. Each product available on Giverb is sourced from businesses that are committed to creating positive social impact.
  • What is the return policy for products purchased on Giverb?
    Since Giverb is a marketplace where ethical and sustainable brands can sell their products, returns and exchanges are subject to the return policy of the brand who made the item(s) you purchased. That includes things like how many days you have to return a product, whether free return shipping is offered, what can be returned or what must be exchanged, etc. Each brand’s return policy is listed on every product page (the page where you see details about each product and where you click “Add to Cart”). Please note that some sale items may be final and unable to be returned, if that’s our partner brand’s policy. Our return policy varies depending on the vendor and the product purchased. Provided that the item is unused and in its original packaging, email us and we’ll work with you and the brand who made the item you’d like to return to help you get it taken care of:
  • What features does the Giverb app offer?
    The Giverb app is designed to bring convenience and accessibility to your fingertips. It features an easy-to-navigate interface where you can browse and purchase from our social enterprise marketplace, access our community forums, read insightful blog articles, download guides, and more.
  • How does purchasing from the Giverb marketplace contribute to social impact?
    Every purchase made on the Giverb marketplace directly supports social enterprises committed to making a difference in their communities. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from each purchase are donated to causes such as education and environmental preservation.
  • What kind of content can I find on Giverb's blogs and forums?
    Our blogs and forums are a treasure trove of insightful and inspiring content. From practical guides on creating social impact to thought-provoking discussions on community initiatives, you'll find a wealth of knowledge and ideas shared by our diverse community members.
  • What do the downloadable guides for teens and parents include?
    Our guides provide practical knowledge and tools for teenagers interested in starting social enterprises and parents looking to support them. They cover topics like finding your passion, planning a social impact project, leadership skills, and more.
  • What benefits does Giverb offer to partner businesses?
    Partnering with Giverb offers businesses increased exposure through our platform, access to a customer base passionate about social impact, and the opportunity to contribute positively to their community. We also support our partners with promotional strategies tailored for their unique needs.
  • How can small businesses benefit from Giverb? (more )
    Partnering with Giverb offers businesses increased exposure through our platform, access to a customer base passionate about social impact, and the opportunity to contribute positively to their community. We also support our partners with promotional strategies tailored for their unique needs. More specifically Giverb helps small businesses in the following ways: 1. **Increased Visibility:** Businesses listed on Giverb's marketplace will get exposure to a broad customer base that aligns with their values, increasing their reach and potential for sales. 2. **Promotional Campaigns:** Early-bird members get priority access to Giverb's promotional campaigns, such as the Black Friday and holiday shopping season events. This will significantly boost their visibility and sales during these high-traffic periods. 3. **AI-Powered Recommendations:** Leveraging Giverb's AI technology, businesses will benefit from personalized recommendations to potential customers. This will increase their chances of attracting customers interested in their products. 4. **Shared Values:** Being part of Giverb communicates a company's commitment to social impact, aligning with consumers who share these values. This will enhance their brand image and customer loyalty. 5. **Marketing Support:** Giverb provides businesses with strategic marketing support, helping them to optimize their listings and campaigns for maximum impact. 6. **Youth Engagement:** By partnering with Giverb, businesses will be indirectly supporting youth empowerment and education, resonating with consumers who value corporate social responsibility. 7. **Data Analytics:** Giverb provides businesses with valuable insights and analytics on customer behavior and preferences, helping them to tailor their offerings and marketing strategies effectively. 8. **Exclusive Webinars and Networking Events:** Early-bird members have access to exclusive webinars, workshops, and networking events, providing them with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded businesses. 9. **Customer Support:** Giverb provides our businesses with dedicated customer support to assist with any issues or questions they may have, ensuring a smooth and positive experience on the platform.
  • How does Giverb work with community organizations?
    Giverb forms partnerships with community organizations that share our vision for community empowerment and social impact. We collaborate on various initiatives, offer support through our platform, and together, we strive to create a bigger, more meaningful impact.

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